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    26 scientific studies (clinical and biochemical/in-vitro) have demonstrated the unique properties and efficacy of Vichy Thermal water.
    Soothing and Calming
    The redness and irritation of sensitive skin represent visible manifestations of self-defense mechanisms in response to unfavorable environmental conditions. Pollution, climatic changes, stress and many other aggressors can trigger a surge in the production of molecules such as histamine, substance P and cytokines, which cause irritation, redness and discomfort.
    Vichy Thermal Water has the ability to calm and even help prevent discomfort: its soothing properties making it an ideal complement to products for sensitive skin, providing relief for skin sensitized by external aggressors which disrupt skin's delicate balance. Its soothing and calming properties have been clinically demonstrated on sensitive skin.
    Vichy Thermal Water infuses its precious minerals throughout the upper epidermal layers, reinforcing skin's natural defenses. Day after day, skin resists external aggressors ever more effectively. The water's ability to stimulate skin's natural defenses has been clinically demonstrated.
    By helping to ensure better cellular oxygenation, Vichy Thermal Water reinforces the metabolic processes within cells and promotes their renewal. The complexion is more radiant, balanced and comfortable.