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    Not all water is created equally. Vichy Thermal Water, the heart of all Vichy products, is a miracle of nature.
    Slowly created over the course of its unique journey through the millennial rocks of the Auvergne volcanoes in Central France, Vichy Thermal Water is bestowed with exceptional mineral richness, a unique combination of 15 rare minerals. It cannot be reproduced by science. Yet its unique properties and efficacy have been scientifically proven.
    A natural source of skin's health and beauty with the ability to soothe, fortify, protect and regenerate, it appeases and soothes redness and discomfort, while stimulating cellular regeneration and strengthening skin's natural defenses. Vichy Thermal Spa Water is the secret to invigorated skin and a glowing complexion.
    Vichy’s unique waters have been revered and sought after for their therapeutic virtues for centuries. The Gallo-Romans recognized its benefits over 2000 year ago, their women crediting it with the ability to soften skin and reduce redness. They even consecrated the precious source to the goddess of Beauty.
    Many centuries later in the 1600’s, the first official treatment center was founded, la Maison du Roy. In 1677, the Marquise de Sévigné would praise the water’s virtues, declaring “instead of burning and making it rough, this water leaves skin soft and even”. In the 19th century, the Duchess of Angoulême, niece of Louis XVIII, regularly came to benefit from the waters at Vichy. Thanks to her, Vichy Thermal Water (from the Lucas Spring) was approved by the French Academy of Medicine in 1846.
    Today Vichy Thermal Water is captured at the Source, beneath the ancient spas, at a dedicated and well-protected location which guarantees no contamination from surface water. Every day around 5,000 liters of thermal water are collected. A quantity of the water is used for spa treatments or given to visitors to drink, while the remaining quantity is reserved for the production of Vichy care products. The water is stored in specialized tanks and transported to the production site, just 4km from the Source. Vichy Thermal Water is not treated in any way on collection. In its pure and natural form, it is transported in stainless steel containers which preserve the water’s properties and constituents. It is incorporated into every Vichy Laboratoires skincare product.