• what is hormonal aging?
    • As women approach the age of 50 they experience changes that are a result of chronologic aging as well as hormonal aging.
      Hormonal aging occurs as a result of a decline in the production of hormones – specifically estrogen and progesterone.
  • is skin affected during hormonal aging?
    • Yes, skin is affected during hormonal aging.
      Through the media, we have become familiar with the fact that women start to experience changes in bone density around the time of menopause. What is not discussed is the fact that hormonal alterations that happen during this time can affect almost every organ system in the body—and that includes skin.
  • what happens to skin during hormonal aging?
    • Hormonal aging accelerates the skin’s aging process.
      During hormonal aging there is a loss of subcutaneous fat and a decrease in skin collagen production. Skin loses its elasticity causing loss of density, loss of definition of facial structure, sagging skin around the jawline, neck and cheeks, fine lines and wrinkles. Similar to how girls who go through adolescence need to adopt a specific skin care routine to minimize oily skin and acne flares, women who go through hormonal aging need to change their skin care routine as well.
  • are most women aware that skin is affected by hormonal aging?
    • No, most women are not aware that skin is affected by hormonal aging. As an OBGYN, I have developed very close relationships with my patients and frequently our conversations not only revolve around medical concerns like menopause but also issues related to beauty, skin care and overall well-being. These topics come up every day during my consultation sessions and I realize that most women do not understand how skin is affected by hormonal aging. Most women notice an increase in skin problems like acute dryness, skin slackening, deep creases and so on, but are not aware that these are due to hormonal changes.
  • what misconceptions exist around hormonal aging?
    • There is a perception that a woman’s femininity lessens as she goes through hormonal aging. This is not true. It needs to widely understood that hormonal aging does not lessen a woman’s femininity in any way. Looking and feeling beautiful continue to remain important for women even as they go through hormonal aging. It is very important for women to feel positive and upbeat about themselves, and picking the right products will help.
  • what advice would you give to women going through hormonal aging?
    • Women can continue to look beautiful and young even after 50 – if they choose the right products! They need to understand that at this age, skin care that is specially designed for them is required. I thank Vichy for being a brand that recognizes women’s changing skin care needs and for offering a tailor-made solution for hormonal aging.