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    The thermal springs in the Vichy region were first discovered by the Gallo-Romans. Since then, they have been venerated for their therapeutic benefits.
  • 1600’s
    La Maison du Roy (The King’s House), the 1st Thermal Treatment Center in Vichy was built.
  • 1677
    Madame de Sévigné, the favorite of King Louis XIII, regularly visited Vichy for Dermatological treatments & praised the virtues of the Lucas Spring, declaring…
    "Instead of burning & making my skin rough, the Vichy Water leaves my skin soft & smooth.”
  • 1785
    Princesses Adelaide & Victoire de Francem, daughters of King Louis XV, visited Vichy for thermal water treatments along with their suite of 260 servants and courtiers and 160 horses.
  • 1865
    Napoleon III promoted the city and the water cures of Vichy and visited regularly.
  • 1865
    Napoleon III built the famous Vichy Casino (expanded to include an opera house in 1900) as well as many beautiful villas. Vichy became a destination for the European elite.
  • 1903
    Coco Chanel was a "water girl" at Vichy before she imagined being a fashion designer.
  • 1905
    Invention of the famous Vichy Shower: a 4-hand massage under a shower of naturally hot Lucas spring water (today called Vichy Thermal Water).
  • 1931
    Vichy Laboratories was created by a brilliant and visionary doctor: Dr. Prosper Haller, dermatologist and medical director of the Vichy Thermal Treatment Center. He partnered with pharmacist Georges Guerin to create the Vichy Laboratoires brand.
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