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Vichy offers gentle, paraben-free cleansers rich in natural minerals & antioxidants found in Vichy Thermal Spa Water. Wash away daily impurities while strengthening skin's protective barrier & improving skin quality.

Skin feeling a bit tight these days? Hydrate while you sleep.

The ideal time to apply creams or hydrating masks is at night. So, what should you stock up on, masks or creams? You need both! Use the mask one or two nights a week for concentrated hydration. On the other nights of the week apply a thin layer of face cream.

Can an exfoliating product give me softer skin?

Exfoliating is an excellent way to prepare the skin to be hydrated. Once a week, exfoliate with a gentle product to visibly smooth your skin’s texture & eliminate the dead cells on the surface that prevent the active ingredients in your skin care products to work their magic.

How do I clean my dry skin without creating discomfort?

Use a milk-based makeup remover or if you prefer to clean your skin with water, choose a gentle cleansing product. Finally, don’t forget to hydrate and protect the skin with a hydrating cream or balm.

An Extra dose of TLC for sensitive skin

Summer is full of life’s little pleasures – after a long, cold winter, we long to soak up the warmth of the sun, to dive into warm, crystal-clear water, to cycle along on a sunny day with our hair flowing in the breeze… But during the summer months, sensitive skin often needs an extra dose of TLC. Follow these hot tips from pharmacy technician Loubna Id Said for radiant skin all year round.

Sensitive skin – the basics
Sensitive skin is caused by a variety of elements including emotions and stress, environmental factors such as wind, sun, temperature changes, air conditioning and pollution, and also inappropriate skincare treatments. If you suffer from sensitive skin, the first step is to repair and strengthen your skin’s protective film. Look out for the words ‘hypoallergenic’ and ‘sensitive skin’ on the packaging.”

Light formulas with maximum moisture
Even sensitive skin craves light, fresh formulas in summer. But as the temperatures soar, the skin tends to lose more water, which makes its natural protective barrier more vulnerable. Sensitive skin that feels tight and prickly needs to be kept moisturized, even in hot weather. Look out for the words “24-hour moisturizing” or “24-hour hydration” on the label.

Sun protection is vital
In summer, enemy number one for sensitive skin is the sun itself. Apply a specially formulated facial sunscreen a few minutes after your moisturizing lotion and half an hour before going outside to make sure you keep your skin fully protected from the sun’s rays.

Get spraying!
Make some waves on the beach this summer with a spa water spray. Mineral-rich spa water soothes the skin that can be easily irritated by chlorine, sand and sea water. After spraying, let your skin soak up those therapeutic minerals before carefully dabbing dry. The key to caring for sensitive skin is to be gentle – always dab your skin dry rather than rubbing it, and use gentle circular movements to apply your light moisturizing cream.

How do I choose a daily skincare product that is appropriate for my dry skin?

Did You Know?
If your skin is permanently dry, it could be because of a lack of lipids. This type of fat plays an important role in softening the skin and reinforcing the natural cutaneous barrier that provides protection from external aggressions.
Since it lacks lipids, dry skin has a weakened cutaneous barrier that is more permeable to irritating agents. Being more vulnerable, it is easily damaged and quickly becomes uncomfortable.

What To Do:
Remember to hydrate yourself properly and drink at least one liter of water per day. Avoid anything that can harm your skin like intense cleansing, and protect it with a hydrating cream that you apply morning and night.
Temporary dehydration can easily be regulated with the proper care. However, if your skin remains dry, contact your dermatologist who will make a more precise diagnosis.

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