Vichy Skin Beauty Blogger Olia

Meet Olia!

Beauty Blogger & Licensed Esthetician
San Diego, CA

Vichy has partnered with Olia to show you the benefits of a French skin care routine. Like all French women, Olia learned the importance of a skin care routine early in life because her mother is French and is now an Esthetician in the United States. Discover why Olia has come to love Vichy’s skin care products!

Vichy Skin Influencer Olia
Name: Olia Majd

Blog: Love, Olia

Skin Care Must Have: Face Masks - "Because I work from home you can usually find me in the middle of the day with a mask on my face."

Favorite Vichy Products: Minéral 89 & Double Glow Peel Mask

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