Summer Skin Care Plan: Say Goodbye to Shiny Skin & Breakouts

Summer Skin Care Plan: Say Goodbye to Shiny Skin & Breakouts | Vichy

When it comes to the glowing skin we picture during the warmer months, greasy, shiny skin does not come to mind. But, unfortunately, all too often, the soaring temps create sweaty situations for our skin. Combine that shininess with breakouts, and your plans for a makeup-free summer seem inconceivable, right? Au contraire! Bask in this summer action plan to keep shiny skin—and blemishes—at bay.

Cleanse the skin at night

Sebum production is at its highest point while you sleep (which is why your skin can be super shiny upon waking up). Use a gentle or no-rinse product so you a.) don’t weaken the hydrolipidic film that protects skin, and b.) remove excess sebum, perspiration, and impurities built up over the day on skin’s surface, shares skin care expert Florence Benech.
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Protect skin from the sun

The quickest way to turn a matte finish into a greasy mess? The sun. Look for a 2-in-1 sun care product that retains moisture to help keep skin soft while it maintains a matte finish.
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Resist the urge to scrub off blemishes

It’s tempting, but this will prompt the skin to produce even more sebum. Rather, use a gentle, non-irritating cleanser formulated for oily skin.
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Skin free of debris is less likely to break out

Stick to products formulated with exfoliating ingredients like salicylic acid or glycolic acid, which slough off dead cells from skin’s surface, unclog pores, and encourage surface cell turnover.
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Oily skin needs moisture

Strange, but true. Pick a light-textured, oil-free product specifically formulated for blemish-prone skin. Look for the words “non-comedogenic,” “tested on sensitive skin,” and “24-hour hydration” on the packaging.
Try: Normaderm Beautifying Anti-Acne Care

What to avoid

Avoid overusing clay masks—which can be drying—products formulated with alcohol—which can dehydrate skin—and washing your face with soap—as the overly alkaline pH can be super-drying.
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