How LHA Helps to Improve Dull Complexions

How LHA Helps to Improve Dull Complexions | Vichy

On the list of things that tend to fall on the dull side of life, your complexion shouldn’t be one of them. But sometimes healthy skin takes a backseat to life’s hectic schedule, thus turning a tad lackluster: think uneven tone, dull complexion, decreased hydration levels, and rough texture. If your stressed-out skin needs a radiance reboot, it’s time to turn to a powerful skincare ingredient with an equally powerful name: lipo-hydroxy acid—LHA, for short. Here’s how LHA can help to improve the look of your dull complexion:

What is LHA?

A derivative of salicylic acid, LHA has exceptional exfoliating capabilities, making it a great option when you’re looking to restore skin’s radiance. LHA is pH comparable to normal skin (5.5) and it isn’t as harsh as salicylic acid or glycolic acid, making LHA a suitable option for more sensitive skin types.

The Benefits of LHA

When part of a skin care formula, LHA helps to promote a more-even shedding of skin surface cells with (usually) less roughness and irritation. Some of the other reasons we love LHA include:

  • Reduced appearance of dark spots and discoloration- Delicate lines, weak elasticity and sun damage aren’t the only signs of aging. We recommend Vichy’s oil-free Normaderm Beautifying Anti-Acne Care,designed to reduce the appearance of surface imperfections like dark spots and redness.

  • Boosted surface skin cell renewal. Similar to retinoids, LHA improves the look and feel of skin by speeding up surface skin cell turnover—a process that slows down with age—thus helping to smooth surface texture and establish a more radiant complexion. Vichy’s paraben-free Idéalia Serum, formulated for sensitive skin, embraces LHA to help increase surface skin cell turnover!

Being able to put your best, brightest face forward—there’s nothing dull about that.

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