What is LR2412?

What is LR2412? | Vichy

While we often point our fingers at the ever-ticking hands of time, getting older isn’t the only culprit causing those wrinkles, dark circles, and a dull skin appearance. Other factors? That extra martini, those long hours in the sun, and a few too many late nights in the big city. Whether or not we can control it, our skin is subjected to a never-ending stream of aggressors on a daily basis—read: fatigue, lifestyle, and pollution. But, before you put down that slice of cake, it’s time to meet LR2412—an innovative ingredient that your skin care routine needs in today’s modern age in order to visibly improve dull skin!

The visible result of all that your skin is exposed to—whether it be lifestyle choices or environmental factors—is known as behavioral aging. An individual battle for every woman, behavioral aging is different than genetics and biological aging—and the effects on skin quality don’t discriminate: They come in the form of greyish dull skin complexions due to overexposure to smoke and pollution; and dark shadows from stress and late nights. Frightening, yes—but irrevocable, no, because in steps LR2412 to save the day

LR2412 is a jasmonic acid derivative, whose inspiration stems from the jasmine plant’s own healing process. LR2412 helps to accelerate the skin’s ability to repair itself and increases its capacity to defend itself against external aggressors (i.e, the aforementioned pollutants, etc.).

Extracted using green chemistry, the botanical derivative—unlike many other anti-aging ingredients—is uniquely suited for combating behavioral aging and visibly improving dull skin. LR2412 also helps cultivate a healthy, smoother complexion by reducing pore size, vital for keeping skin firm and supple.

LR2412 can be found in products like Idéalia Radiance Serum —the serum marries LR2412 with micro-exfoliating LHA. This unique combination is just what skin needs to reduce the effects of behavioral aging and dull skin, so go ahead and enjoy that slice of cake, pour yourself another glass of wine, because we’ve got you covered. Magnifique!

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