6 Tips to Wake Up Tired Eyes For Good

6 Tips to Wake Up Tired Eyes For Good | Vichy

Just because you feel fatigued doesn’t mean you have to look it. Using a few simple tips, you can help wake up tired eyes for good!

1. Go easy on the makeup remover:

Rubbing your eyes to remove your makeup is a surefire way to irritate the eye contour area which can lead to tired-looking, puffy, discolored skin. Successfully remove makeup without rubbing your eyes using this method from Annic Lefol-Malosse, director of the Vichy Institute:

  • Moisten a cotton pad with makeup remover. We love Vichy Pureté Thermale Micellar Cleanser. This micellar water can help to remove your makeup gently and effectively without rubbing.
  • Place it on your eyelids and eyebrows and dab gently.
  • Carefully swipe it down towards your eyelashes, then press again to dissolve any remaining mascara.

2. Opt for a multi-action eye cream:

Pascale Mora, director of scientific communications at Vichy, recommends utilizing products formulated with the following:
  • Vitamin Cg (a vitamin C derivative): smooths out the look of fine lines. Try: Idéalia Eyes
  • Caffeine: decongests puffy areas and reduces visible shadows. Try: Liftactiv Eyes
  • Corrective pigments and pearls: provides instant radiance. Try: Idealia Eyes

3. Exercise:

Breaking a sweat isn’t only great for your health, it can also improve the look of tired eyes! Move your body regularly to reinvigorate your face’s glow and boost both oxygen and blood supply around your eyes.

4. Eat well:

Consume foods rich in essential fatty acids and drink plenty of water to help offset the effects of over-heated or air-conditioned environments, like dehydration lines.

5. Self-massage:

Wake up with puffy eyes or just want a little extra TLC mid-day? Give yourself an at-home massage. Press lightly with your middle finger on the inside corner of the eye, at the bottom in the middle of your dark circles, at the top under the eyebrow, and then on your temple.

6. Fake it:

While you wait to see the effects of the steps above, hide those tired eyes with a high-coverage concealer. Dermafinish Corrective Foundation Sticks are great for covering up under-eye circles—as well as blemishes, age spots, and scars. The concealer formula is packed with pigment to give you heavy coverage for your dark circles for up to 12 hours, but with a lightweight feel you’ll love.

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