When Should You Start Using an Eye Cream?

When Should You Start Using an Eye Cream? | Vichy

While American women often approach beauty in a problem-solution manner, for a French woman, a skin care routine doesn’t begin when she spots that first fine line. The French approach to beauty and skin care starts much earlier in life—often in her teens and early 20s—and is a time-honored ritual that’s about prevention not intervention. One of the best ways to prevent premature signs of aging around the eyes? Using daily SPF and using an eye cream—and using it early.

Here’s a true eye opener: The skin around your eyes is up to five times thinner than that of the rest of your face, which means this area is far more prone to dehydration—a direct correlation to visible aging effects like fine lines, wrinkles, and bags beneath the eyes. So when should you start using eye cream? As early as your 20s—and here’s why:

In your 20s:

Proper skin care habits may fall to the wayside at this age what with the start of your career, new cities to discover, and other exciting adventures, but now is the time to set the groundwork for healthy-looking skin ahead (particularly if genetics deemed you thin, fair skin under and around the eyes).

Try: Dabble in the eye cream arena by selecting products rich in hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Aqualia Thermal Awakening Eye Balm promotes fresh, plump skin.

In your 30s:

Managing a work-life balance is tricky and that struggle can reflect on your skin (this is the time when aggressors like heredity, fatigue, and past sun exposure will start to catch up with you). Minimize a tired appearance, as well as dark circles, with products designed to brighten and even out skin tone.

Try: Add the multifaceted Idéalia Eyes to your morning routine; formulated with circulation-boosting pure caffeine, along with DRM-Bright Complex with Vitamin Cg and micro-mother-of-pearl pigments, the cream helps illuminate shadows while improving the appearance of dark circles and fine lines

In your 40s and beyond:

Thinning skin and loss of collagen naturally occur as you age (which means wrinkles, dull complexion, sagging features, and more noticeable dark circles). Seek products with ingredients like retinol, rhamnose, and Omegas 6-9 to help restore your once-radiant glow.

Try: We like the lash-attentive Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes, which uses ceramides to condition and fortify lashes in addition to the anti-aging benefits.

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