How to Beat Behavior-Related Aging

How to Beat Behavior-Related Aging | Vichy

Look at any set of identical twins—while they each have the same genes and the same age, they may not have the same skin and the same look. This is what is called behavioral aging. Unlike genetic aging, that occurs over time, behavioral aging is affected by our lifestyle–everything from where we live, to what we eat, to how much stress we put ourselves through. So although that set of identical twins have the same genes and the same age, they don’t make the same choices in life.

Behavioral aging is affected by both internal and external aggressors—read: late night snacks, work-related stress, a few too many happy hours…sound familiar? Whether you realize it or not, these behaviors can influence your skin’s aging process, and you can start to see the visible effects as early as your 30s. These tell-tale signs crop up everywhere from a grey, dull complexion (not drinking enough water, atmospheric pollution) and pigmentation (UV ray damage) to drawn features and under-eye bags (lack of sleep, stress) and unbalanced skin with oily and dry patches (unbalanced diet). No, thank you, to all of the above.

Making a few positive changes in your day-to-day lifestyle can decrease the effects your behaviors have on your skin’s appearance. And before you fret, note that it doesn’t have to make your skin care routine—or life, for that matter—more complicated. Keep it simple: Use skin care treatments formulated with ingredients designed to ward off the signs of behavioral aging. And when you do happen to overdo it, counteract the effects—below are just a few common situations that are sure to occur!

Skipping breakfast so you can sleep longer?

A handful of hazelnuts and almonds will help ward off hunger pains until lunchtime (and hopefully deter you from indulging in fatty, sugary foods on your way to work). Toss the snack in your bag and be on your way!

Too tired to remove your makeup at night?

Spend a little more time cleansing in the morning and applying serum to brighten your skin tone.

Tempted by the sun?

A touch of daily moisturizer with UV protection is all it takes. Find a small tube that you can keep in your bag.

In for another late night?

Breathe deeply, stretch, relax, and move around regularly to dispel tiredness. And always remember to reward yourself: Once finished, enjoy a healthy smoothie chockfull of goodness and vitamins!

With its innovative combination of LR2412 and micro-exfoliating LHA—the behavioral molecule Idéalia Life Serum has you covered in a pinch.

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