Better Sleep Tips: Wake Up to Beautiful Skin

Better Sleep Tips: Wake Up to Beautiful Skin | Vichy

Beauty sleep got its name for good reason. Because while you catch those much-needed Zzz’s, your skin is working hard to repair itself against the internal and external aggressors that its confronted with during the day. And that’s not all: Over the course of a solid night’s rest, amazing repair work takes place:

  • Accelerated micro-circulation on the surface of skin (which leads to a more even looking complexion)
  • Increased surface cell turnover (what you can thank for your smooth skin)
  • Restoration of the skin’s protective barrier

Pretty impressive. On the flip side, one too many nights of poor or irregular sleep and you’ll wake up to drawn features, under-eye bags and a dull complexion. While it’s important to embrace your inner Sleeping Beauty, it’s sometimes easier said than done—use these eight tips for better sleep and be on your way to sweet dreams…and even sweeter skin.

1. Move!

Exercise prepares your body for sleep (just get your fitness on before 7 p.m.; heavy activity increases body heat, and your body needs to be at a lower temperature for shuteye.)

2. Eat light at night

Rich sauces or meats? Nix those meals if it’s late. Your body has to produce more energy to digest them, which makes it harder to fall asleep.

3. Take a lukewarm shower

It’ll help lower your body temperature and gradually prep you for bed.

4. Schedule sleep

Establish a regular bedtime so you won’t disrupt your circadian rhythms (the natural 24-hour biological pattern that enables your skin to restore itself at night).

5. Get a good (comfortable!) mattress

Enough said.

6. Set your bedroom temperature to 65°F

Too hot and you’ll be tossing and turning all night.

7. Lights out (phone/TV/computer—this means you)

Keeping things dark will help to stimulate your body’s production of the sleep hormone, melatonin.

8. Relax and relieve tension

Anxiety or over-thinking can keep you up at night. Meditate or breathe deeply for instant serenity.

Bonus tip: Don’t lose sleep over those occasional insomnia-like nights. Rest assured there are products out there to simulate the benefits of a good quality sleep on your skin. Our favorites: Idéalia Skin Sleep; ProEVEN Night; Neovadiol Night Compensating Complex; Liftactiv Retinol HA Night; Liftactiv Night.

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