What is Mineralizing Water and How Does it Protect Against Daily Aggressors?

What is Mineralizing Water and How Does it Protect Against Daily Aggressors? | Vichy

While every product formulated by Vichy is different, they all have one very important thing in common—at the heart of each fabulous formulation there’s Vichy’s mineralizing thermal water from the French volcanoes. Don’t let the word water fool you: Flowing through thousand-year-old rock, warming over 4,000 meters underground, and infused with 15 rare minerals, this 100 percent pure, untouched water is anything but your basic H2O. Let’s soak in some specifics:

In the first century, the town of Vichy, France, became a chic hot spot—quite literally. What began when the ancient Romans realized how the thermal waters soothed their skin after bathing in the mineral-rich water reached a boiling point of popularity in the mid-18th century. Suddenly the small town of Vichy became a notable spa destination, playing host to many members of nobility who wanted to partake in the waters. Fast forward to 1931, when Dr. Haller—a medical director at the town’s thermal treatment center—harnessed the soothing power of the water, creating a line of skin care products named after the chic spa town: Vichy. Today, the water is sourced from that same location in France, just 4 miles away from Vichy’s factories.

What made—and continues to make—this mineralizing thermal water so sought-after, is its unique content of 15 skin-strengthening minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium, and manganese. These minerals are gathered as rainwater jets through the magmatic volcanic rock, over 4,000 meters under the earth’s surface! While most mists and thermal waters simply soothe the skin, Vichy’s mineralizing thermal water from the French volcanoes takes it even further, not only soothing the skin, but helps protect it against external aggressors like pollutants and weather. This diverse blend of rare minerals possesses proven fortifying, antioxidant benefits to the skin. Additionally, unlike its counterparts, Vichy’s water helps to rebalance pH, creating a buffer effect that reinforces the skin against these aggressors.

Unique Journey of Mineralizing Water

No matter your age or skin type, incorporating Vichy’s mineralizing thermal waters from the French volcanoes into your routine will benefit your skin. From your 20s—when dehydrated skin and moisture imbalance start to show up as fine lines and wrinkles—to your 50s and older—when hormones are less active, leading to drier, duller skin—Vichy’s water can help to quench your skin’s thirst for a hydrated, healthy-looking complexion. The water is gentle enough to soothe and hydrate the most sensitive of skin types, yet is strong enough to help improve the signs of aging and skin quality.

Interested in strengthening and hydrating your skin with mineral-rich water from the heart of the French volcanos? You’re in luck! Today, you don’t have to have a royal title—or even a passport—to enjoy the benefits of Vichy’s mineralizing thermal water from the French volcanoes. The water is infused in every product in the Vichy brand—which means you can find it as an ingredient in your favorite Vichy cream, cleanser, or hydrating serum. (Minéral 89 contains the highest concentration of this mineral-rich thermal water and is the perfect addition to any skin care routine.)

You can also go directly to the source and give your skin a spritz of the standalone Mineralizing Thermal Water. Spray a light mist on your face before or after your hydrating moisturizer—or anytime your skin needs a quick refresh! Allow your skin to absorb those beneficial minerals before tapping your face dry, and you’re good to go. Simple and effective. J’adore!

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