Fight End of Day Skin Fatigue and Over-Day Aging

Fight End of Day Skin Fatigue and Over-Day Aging | Vichy

Over-day aging. Ever heard of it? Perhaps not, but here’s the thing: over-day aging is most likely affecting the quality of your own skin right now—particularly if you’re over 40. Ever notice how each morning your skin looks healthy, plumped, and hydrated but when you look in a mirror towards the end of the day—or worse… during lunchtime—you look just a little older? It’s not all in your head. Studies suggest that throughout the day your skin can lose elasticity, prompting features to drop slightly, color to diminish, and wrinkles to become more prominent causing you to look older. In short, this is over-day aging. Now what can you do about it?

Aside from constantly touching-up in the mirror throughout the day, there are some skin care steps you can take to fight end of day skin fatigue and the effects of daily aging. You need to slow down the process of over-day aging by strengthening the skin’s resistance to the day’s stresses and strains, therefore fighting the signs of aging over time, shares Sophie Veyrat, Vichy International development director.

To do this, reach for LIftActiv Supreme. This innovative product was developed to specifically counteract the signs of aging: now, over-day, and over-time.

Immediately: As you get older, that first morning glance in the mirror can be shocking if you’re experiencing the effects of over-day aging. LiftActiv Supreme counteracts those effects right away. Its formula with 3D Optical Correctors instantly mattify, blur, and illuminate the appearance of your skin. Fine lines will look more smooth and a dull complexion will appear brighter.

Throughout the Day: Thanks to an invigorating blend of caffeine and adenosine in the formula, your skin will remain plump-looking all day long, so you can kiss that sallow post-lunch complexion goodbye. Instead of a fatigued, older appearance you’ll look more rested, radiant, and ready for the rest of your day.

Overtime: While the daily benefits speak volumes, LiftActiv Supreme also works over time to improve the quality and firmness of your skin. Formulated with rhamnose, a natural sugar that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, combined with antioxidants, the look of fine lines and wrinkles will be diminished, now and over time.

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