Sensitive Skin: Summer Skin Care Tips

Sensitive Skin: Summer Skin Care Tips | Vichy

Between the warmer temperatures, the shorter hem lines, and the longer days—and nights—spent outdoors, summer is easily the most carefree time of year. But, specifically when you have sensitive skin, being too carefree can mean disaster for your complexion. During the warmer season your skin is naturally more exposed to the elements, meaning it’s even more vulnerable to external aggressors like UV rays, pollution, and fluctuating climates, causing everything from sunburns, to dry skin, to sensitive skin flare ups. But, before you pack up your flowy dresses and wait for fall, know this: all sensitive skin needs to enjoy the summertime is a little extra TLC. French pharmacist—and French beauty and skin care expert—Loubna Id Said spills summer skin care tips for sensitive skin, below.

Strengthen Your Skin’s Protective Barrier

A majority of the elements involved with summer—air conditioning, temperature changes, the sun—can cause sensitive skin to flare up (a fact you’re probably already unfortunately well-aware of). But what to do: It’s imperative to strengthen your skin’s protective barrier. Stick to products specially designed for sensitive skin—they’ll have words like “hypoallergenic” and “sensitive skin” on the packaging.
Try: Pureté Thermale Cleansing Micellar Oil ; you’ll love that this unique pH balancing cleanser formula infused with soothing camellia oil to moisturize and soften skin. It cleanses while removing even waterproof makeup. It’s perfect for sensitive skin as it’s free of harsh soaps, alcohol, and colors.

Make Moisturizer Your Summer Sidekick

Skin loses more water as temperatures soar, which makes its natural protective barrier more vulnerable. Lightweight formulas are fine, so long as they offer intense hydration. Look for words like “24-hour hydration” on the label.
Try: Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream ; Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum ; both offer your skin 48 hours of long-lasting hydration

Protect Against the Sun

You love the sun, but its affects on your skin can be disastrous, especially when your skin is sensitive. Each day, apply a specially formulated facial sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF a few minutes after your moisturizing lotion and prior to going outside. Your skin must be fully protected from the sun’s rays.
Try: Capital Soleil SPF 50. This luxurious sunscreen is formulated with broad-spectrum SPF to defend your skin from harmful UV rays plus antioxidants to deliver multi-layer protection against external aggressors that can age your skin.

Soothe & Strengthen with a Spritz

Heading to the beach or the pool? Toss a mineralizing water in your bag. Vichy’s mineralizing water from the French volcanoes can help to soothe and decongest skin that is easily irritated by chlorine, sand, and seawater. Spray it on and allow your skin soak up those therapeutic minerals!
Try: Mineralizing Thermal Water

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