What Is Micellar Water?

What Is Micellar Water? | Vichy

Of all the French skin care imports making waves Stateside, perhaps none is as innovative—or as necessary to try—as micellar water. What is micellar water? This no-rinse cleanser is an essential part of a French skin care routine and, even if you’re not a total Francophile, it should be a part in yours as well…especially if you have sensitive skin or are on the go! What is micellar water and why exactly do you need it in your skin care routine? Keep reading.

What is Micellar Water and How Does it Work?

Before we get into why you need to try this no-rinse cleanser in your skin care regimen, let’s talk about how this French skin care staple actually works. Sure, these solutions look like plain old water, but looks, in this case, are incredibly deceiving.

Unlike regular old H2O, micellar water is powered by micelle technology—tiny oil molecules called micelles that are suspended in a soft water solution. What makes these micelles so unique is their ability to attract, surround, trap, and lift impurities off the skin’s surface—read: dirt, excess oils, makeup, and so on—without the need to rinse!

Micellar Water & French Skin Care

This uncanny cleansing ability is why micellar waters have been so hugely popular in France for years, well, that and the nation’s hard water problem. France, while known for beignets, macarons, and the best bubbles around, is also notorious for its hard water. And, hard water and beautiful skin simply do not go hand in hand. When water is hard, it has an alkaline pH balance, unlike our skin’s slightly acidic optimal balance of 5.5. Since hard water compromises the pH balance of skin, washing with it can cause dryness, dull skin tone, and a myriad of other concerns…only to be made worse if you have sensitive skin. What’s more? Hard water isn’t just a problem in France. In fact, homes all across the US have hard water coming out of their sinks, baths, and showers. Enter: Micellar water, the (cleansing) solution for hard water. Without ever having to turn on the tap, micellar water allows you to effectively remove impurities from your skin’s surface while maintaining its pH balance!

Why Micellar Water Is Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Hard water aside, cleansing in general can be tough on skin, sensitive skin specifically. Some face washes may contain harsh cleansing agents to get them to foam and bubble. These harsh ingredients not only strip the skin of moisture, but can also linger around on the surface, causing additional dryness and dehydration. This is why micellar water is perfect for those with sensitive skin. No rinsing necessary, no harsh moisture-stripping ingredients, just a quick, easy, and gentle way to cleanse your skin.

How You Can Start Using Micellar Water

If you’ve ever wanted to take a page from the French skin care book, this is the one. Not only is this no-rinse cleanser great for sensitive skin, it’s also fantastic for anyone who appreciates a simple skin care routine. You can use micellar waters in place of makeup remover wipes, cleansers, and toners, morning and night, by soaking a cotton pad with the solution and gently sweeping it across your face.

For a truly French micellar water that you can get here in the States, reach for Vichy’s Purete Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Solution. Formulated with cornflower extract, hydrating pro-vitamin B5, and Vichy’s own mineralizing thermal water from the French volcanoes (which is rich in 15 rare minerals!) the no-rinse cleanser is a great choice for sensitive skin types. This multi-purpose cleansing solution can remove face and eye makeup, cleanse, and purify, all in one streamlined step, without compromising the skin’s pH balance, stripping it of moisture, or leaving a greasy residue!

Great for travel, throwing in your gym bag or beach tote, and for every day, try micellar water today and see for yourself why French women everywhere can’t live without it!

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