What Does PH Balance Mean for the Skin?

What Does PH Balance Mean for the Skin? | Vichy

Life is a balancing act, and that act applies to your skin, too. Our skin has an optimal pH balance that can be thrown off by a number of factors: things you can control—the products you use and the foods you eat—and things you can’t—hard water (aka the unfiltered water coming out of your faucet at home), pollution, and the environment. If your skin’s pH balance becomes compromised, you’ll see it in the form of blemishes, dryness, or irritation. And while it’s easy to find that balance off-kilter, it’s not as difficult as you may think to stabilize.

Here’s a brief—and painless—chemistry lesson. On the pH (potential of hydrogen) scale, 0 is considered the most acidic, and 14 the most alkaline—or basic. The pH balance of the skin’s acid mantle (that thin barrier on surface skin that protects it and keeps it moisturized) should be slightly acidic at approximately 5.5. Any time that balance falls above or below 5.5, skin can become distressed, spurring on breakouts, dryness, and sensitivity.

An often overlooked culprit of an unbalanced pH? Hard water. Since hard water is alkaline, when it’s paired with equally alkaline soaps and body washes—especially in the shower—it can disrupt the pH balance of your skin. When your skin falls into alkaline territory, it can start to feel tight and dry. This is why it’s important to balance things out by using skin care products that, like our skin’s optimal pH balance of 5.5, are slightly acidic.

Looking to get a balanced pH and healthy-looking, glowing skin? Look to Vichy to help! At the heart of every Vichy formula lies Vichy’s exclusive mineralizing water from French volcanoes with a unique blend of 15 rare minerals and a slightly acidic pH. The water acts as a buffer for the skin against skin aggressors—like those that occur when washing with hard water—and helps to keep the skin’s pH balanced.

A great addition to your skin care routine to keep skin balanced at all times is a cleanser with a slightly acidic pH, like those in Vichy’s Pureté Thermale Collection . Each not only rids the skin of impurities, but can also help you achieve that pH balance your skin needs to stay soft, moisturized, and magnifique! Our favorites include:

  • 1

    Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil

    This multifaceted new micellar oil gently dissolves impurities from the skin, including waterproof makeup.
  • 2

    Fresh Cleansing Gel

    Effectively cleanses all impurities, makeup, and pollution from the skin’s surface while counteracting the skin-damaging effects of hard water.
  • 3

    Hydrating and Cleansing Foaming Cream

    This creamy cleanser has moringa seed extract to help eliminate impurities, makeup, and pollution from the skin.
  • Feel like your life’s off balance? Try a little meditation. Feel like your skin’s pH is off balance? Reach for Vichy.
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