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We are committed to ensuring safety and efficacy with all of our formulas. We collaborate with a team of dermatologists and skin health experts to help create our formulas and promote our commitment to Clean, Safe & Effective skin care.


Dr. Erin Gilbert is an internationally recognized board-certified dermatologist, a neuroscientist with a rich academic pedigree and extensive professional experience. Dr. Gilbert provides scientifically proven treatments in the fields of skin care and skin aging in a highly personal environment through her established clinical practice, Gilbert Dermatology – located in Brooklyn, NY. Her clientele includes A-list models, actors and fashion industry insiders. In her spare time, Dr. Gilbert enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with her husband and teenage son.



Discover the dermatologist view of Vichy products, ingredients, and the Clean, Safe & Effective promise with Dr. Erin Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert traveled to Vichy where she visited the French Volcanoes from which our proprietary 15 Mineral-Rich Vichy Volcanic Water is sourced, interviewed formulation and skincare experts, and witnessed how our products are made.

Unique Journey of Mineralizing Water

Dr. Gilbert on Exploring VichyDr. Gilbert explores Vichy: Doctor Developed in 1931 and now the #1 Anti-Aging Brand in European Pharmacies

Unique Journey of Mineralizing Water

Vichy’s Formulation Charter with Dr. Marion NielsenDr. Gilbert discusses the important choices that are at the heart of Vichy’s formulation charter.

Unique Journey of Mineralizing Water

The Exposome with Dr. Luc AguilarWhat is the exposome and how does it affect skin aging?

Unique Journey of Mineralizing Water

Skin Health with Dr. Delphine KerobWhat does healthy skin look like and how does Vichy help you achieve it?

Unique Journey of Mineralizing Water

Vichy's 15 Mineral-Rich Volcanic WaterDr. Gilbert on why not all volcanic waters are created equally

Unique Journey of Mineralizing Water

Dermatologist-Grade IngredientsDr. Gilbert on why Mineral 89 is her daily dose of strength, and a product she uses and recommends to her patients

Dr. SONYA ABDULLA-Dermatologist Vichy

Dr. Sonya Abdulla-Dermatologist, TorontoDr. Sonya Abdulla brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. Dr. Abdulla is a board-certified dermatologist in Canada and the US with additional fellowship training in Dermatologic Laser Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine from the University of Toronto. She earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Ottawa, earning the Dr. André Peloquin Award for excellence in patient care.