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Anti Aging Skin Care

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Vichy's anti aging skin care products target concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and dry skin. The best anti-aging product to add to your routine is a sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF for daily protection!

Incorporate anti aging treatments into your daily routine.

Ideally, anti aging treatments should be applied twice a day, in the morning and also in the evening, because your skin is more receptive during the night.

Moisturizers are vital in any anti aging regimen.

Constant hydration is vital to stop the skin from drying out, and it's also important to protect it from environmental aggressors such as UV rays and free radicals.

What is your nightly anti aging skin care routine? Give your skin some TLC!

Look for anti aging products that boost moisture with an oil-based serum or a moisturizing balm. It is also important to remove makeup carefully with a cream or a gentle water-based formula.

Anti aging massage:

Massaging your face for just one minute each day can help with anti aging – now that’s enough to put a smile back on anyone’s face!

Step 1. Apply directly to your vertical lines
From frown lines to laughter lines, then under the corners of your lips.

Step 2. Pinch & slide along your laughter lines
Pinch a fold of skin between the fleshy part of your first 3 fingers and the second joint of your thumb. Work your way up the laughter line, then hold your 3 fingers tightly together and slide them along to your temple. Repeat 3 times.

Step 3. Pinch & slide along your forehead to tackle your frown lines
Use repeated pinching movements to work from the top of your nose to the centre of your forehead, then firmly slide your fingers outwards towards your temple for a tensing effect. Repeat the movements 3 times.

Step 4. Plump up lip contour to avoid marionette lines
Use the fleshy part of your index finger & your thumb to make little pinching movements at right angles to your wrinkles on the edge of your upper lip. Repeat several times along your upper lip.

Step 5. Finish off with an upward smoothing movement over your whole face
Massage working from the inside outwards.

Which type of skin ages more quickly, oily or dry?

Did You Know?
Wrinkles are the external signs of the changes that are happening at every level of the skin, from the surface (epidermis) to the deeper layers (dermis).
The slower cellular renewal process, the degradation of the supporting fibers in the dermis (elastin and collagen), and the “lethargy” of the fibroblasts – the cells that produce these fibers – are responsible for the loss of density and elasticity that ultimately produces wrinkles.

What To Do:
Skin dehydration is one of the most important factors involved in the formation of wrinkles.
In fact, the hydrolipidic barrier (combination of water and lipids whose role is to protect the skin’s surface) of dry skin is of a lesser quality.
Therefore, it is more fragile and vulnerable to external aggressions. Wrinkles will appear sooner on dry skin than on oily skin.

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Knowing that some of the most powerful and most gentle anti-aging ingredients are found in Mother Nature, Vichy turned to an anti aging ingredient found in the silver birch tree.

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