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Vichy's formulation charter, mineral 89


"At Vichy Laboratoires, we know that creating safe and efficacious products doesn't happen by chance, it happens by choice. That is why for each product we create, we follow 6 formulation choices, so our customers only have to make 1." - Dr. Marion Nielsen, Pharmacist & Scientific Director


Vichy’s Formulation Charter with Dr. Marion Nielsen

Dr. Nielsen discusses the important choices that go into each formula at Vichy Laboratoires.

Vichy Volcanic Water

Vichy Volcanic Water from the Region of Auvergne, France

Vichy Volcanic Water is rich in 15 powerful minerals that strengthen your skin barrier and help protect it from exposome factors like UVA/UVB rays, pollution, stress, and more. We formulate each of our products around Vichy Volcanic Water, our proprietary ingredient, sourced from the depths of the French volcanoes and unable to be recreated artificially.

Pure and untouched from Vichy, mineral 89 product range

Pure & Untouched from Vichy, France

We make our products just 2.5 miles from the source of our 15 Mineral-Rich Vichy Volcanic Water in the volcanic region of central France, which allows us to extract our water in its purest form without any contamination. The first time it sees the light of day, is when you open a Vichy product in your own home.

Derm-Grade Ingredients

Dermatological Ingredients

Our formulas consist of dermatologist recommended ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C to help achieve healthy, radiant-looking skin. Vichy Laboratoires is committed to using efficacious and safe ingredients that are backed by science.

Allergy tested formulas

Allergy Tested and Safe for Sensitive Skin

Our products are designed to strengthen skin, not weaken its resistance. That’s why we choose to eliminate any ingredient that has been shown to cause allergic reactions — a standard that restricts the raw materials we use to just 10 percent of what’s available. More than 2,000 women test our products every year to make sure what’s been shown to be true in the lab, is also true in real life. We pay special attention to the needs of sensitive skin, so you don’t have to. Every product is tested to be suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive without compromising efficacy. 

Created with Dermatologists and Skincare Experts

Created with Dermatologists and Skincare Experts

We believe that skincare is a science, and we look to dermatologists, biologists, pharmacists, and other experts to fuel our research, development, and testing. Many of our experts are women like you who depend on the skincare products they help innovate. You can trust them to be your voice in our labs.


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