Aqualia Thermal Eye Balm

For Bags Under Eyes

A refreshingly lightweight eye gel that delivers the lasting hydration of a moisturizing balm for a more radiant, refreshed appearance that lasts. Targets the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles.

Skin Type: Dry, Normal, Combination, Sensitive

Skin Concern: Dryness, Hydration


| Size: 15ML

Aqualia Thermal Eye Balm



Aqualia Thermal Eye Balm formula, which includes caffeine, helps to target bags under eyes, counteract signs of fatigue, including dark circles and puffiness

Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Aquabioryl,™ this eye balm will help to replenish the skin with water and form a protective film


Apply eye gel day and night to cleansed skin

Use the following massage technique: Starting at the inner corner of the brow bone, point thumbs downward and use thumb pads to gently press product into the eye contour area

Product Safety

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A miracle of nature from the preserved region of Auvergne, rich in 15 minerals, helps strengthen the skin's moisture barrier function to help protect skin against aggressors.

Hyaluronic Acid Ingredient | Vichy

Featured Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid

Capable of holding over 1,000 times its weight in water to help hydrate and plump skin.

My Concern

Over the course of a day, eyes reveal signs of tiredness and wear in different ways: swollen, puffy eyes in the morning, followed by tired-looking eyes in the evening where you may see bags under eyes. These fluctuations can result from uneven water distribution in the skin around the eye area.

My Solution

Aqualia Thermal Awakening Eye Balm helps distribute and lock hydration in the eye contour area, for a more refreshed, wide-awake look. Smooth dehydration lines, moisturize delicate skin and visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes.

Product Feel

Refreshing and lightweight water-gel texture instantly comforts the eye contour area without greasiness, stickiness or heaviness. Leaves eye area soothed, moisturized and comfortable all day. Provides an ideal base for makeup application.


After 4 weeks of product application, we observe a significant decrease in visibility of puffy eyes of 20.7%*

*Clinical scoring of the eye puffiness by dermatologist with dynamic atlases (morphing) at T0 baseline and T4 weeks on 40 volunteers

After 4 weeks of product application, consumers observed:

8 of 10 women felt the eye contour looks moisturized and fresher

8 of 10 women felt skin was moisturized all day long

Hydration lasting up to 72 hours.

The eye puffiness was less visible after one month of continuous application.

2x day

Apply eye gel day and night to cleansed skin using the following massage technique:

Upper eye application: Starting at the inner corner of the brow bone, point thumbs downward and use thumb pads to gently press product into the eye contour area. Repeat pressure 3 times along the orbital bone, moving towards the outer edge of the brow.

Under eye application: Starting at the inner corner of eyes, use the middle and index fingers to apply gentle pressure. Repeat 3 times following the orbital bone to the outer corners of eyes.


Expert Tips

Why Aqualia Eye Gel?

"Puffy eyes can be related to insufficient sleep or increased salt intake, and inadequate water intake makes fine lines more visible. Remember your eight glasses of water during day and eight hours of sleep at night, it will help. But, acting on the spot can make a big difference. Aqualia Thermal Eye Balm will intensely hydrate while the balm texture won't get into your eyes and irritate them. It has a light and comfortable texture that melts into the skin without too much rubbing.” - Dr. Erin Gilbert

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