Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream

Moisturizer For Dry Skin

Replenishing and soothing 48-hour dry skin moisturizer in a rich, refreshing cream. For deep comfort and a fresh complexion that lasts.

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Skin Type: Dry Normal

Skin Concern: Dryness, Dullness


Size 50ML

Skin Type: Dry, Normal

Skin Concern: Dryness, Dullness

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Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream provides immediate and long lasting hydration with 48 Hour Dynamic Hydration technology for dry skin. Skin is evenly moisturized and recovers its natural glow

A rich moisturizing cream with Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water and Hyaluronic Acid, this formula fortifies sensitive skin, boosts hydration and comfort


Apply face moisturizer morning and evening to cleansed skin by spreading a touch of cream all over the face

Spread with outward movements from the middle of the face, without applying too much pressure

Product Safety

Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream


Mineralizing Thermal Water Ingredient | Vichy

Featured Ingredient: Vichy Mineralizing Water

A miracle of nature from the preserved region of Auvergne, rich in 15 minerals, helps strengthen the skin's moisture barrier function to help protect skin against aggressors.

Hyaluronic Acid Ingredient | Vichy

Featured Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid

Capable of holding over 1,000 times its weight in water to help hydrate and plump skin.

My Concern

Excessive water loss and dryness make skin feel uncomfortable, de-hydration lines appear. Dry skin patches may occur with very dehydrated skin.

My Solution

Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream, with Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, is a face moisturizer for dry skin that provides a burst of freshness and comfort for sensitive skin. This face cream reduces the visibility of de-hydration lines. Beyond replenishing water loss and hydrating the skin for 48 hours, Dynamic Hydration evenly distributes water to balance the skin's moisture levels and help lock water in all facial zones. As a result, skin feels moisturized, recovers its natural glow and radiates with health.

Product Feel

Rich, creamy moisturizing texture melts immediately into skin, leaving a velvety soft finish. Skin feels comfortable. Fragrance selected to maximize the sensorial experience.


In 1 month*:

9 out of 10 women agree skin feels supple, velvety soft and hydrated all day

8 out of 10 women agree complexion appears fresher and skin looks more luminous

*Self-assessment on 52 women after 4 weeks of twice daily use

2x day

Apply this rich face moisturizer morning and evening to cleansed skin by spreading a touch of face cream all over the face. Spread with outward movements from the middle of the face, without applying too much pressure. Pay special attention to dry skin areas.


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Why Aqualia Riche Moisturizer?

"This was one of my favorite Vichy moisturizers. I’m extremely dry so I’m always on the lookout for rich creams that can help keep me hydrated. This one gives you 48 hours of moisture (amazing) while still being gentle and does not break me out!" - Olia Majd, Beauty Blogger

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