Anti-Aging for Sensitive Skin: A Natural Sugar that Combats the Signs of Aging

Anti-Aging for Sensitive Skin: A Natural Sugar that Combats the Signs of Aging | Vichy

Fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume, the signs of aging skin are undeniable but they don’t have to be inevitable. Wearing a daily SPF and starting a skin care routine before you see the effects of biological aging—the natural process of getting older due to time—are the best ways to prevent the signs of aging skin. And, if you’re already seeing the signs, trying products with anti-aging formulations is a great way to help reduce their appearance. However, for many women with sensitive skin, some of these potent anti-aging ingredients can be too harsh, causing irritation and redness. Thankfully, Vichy has harnessed the anti-aging power of a natural sugar that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, but yet is very powerful and efficacious.

Knowing that some of the most powerful and most gentle anti-aging ingredients are found in Mother Nature, Vichy turned to the silver birch tree. Vichy— one of the only skin care brands to utilize this unique anti-aging ingredient—harnesses the power of rhamnose by extracting the sugar in its purest form, directly from the silver birch. And as for the effect rhamnose has on skin quality, well, let’s just say this potent molecule is touted for its je ne sais quoi quality when it comes to reducing the signs of aging.

Add to that rhamnose’s universality to all skin types—even those with the most sensitive skin can use this natural solution, so it’s an excellent option if your skin reacts adversely to retinol—and your skincare routine couldn’t be sweeter.

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