Retinol 101: Why Your Skin Care Routine Needs This Ingredient

Retinol 101: Why Your Skin Care Routine Needs This Ingredient | Vichy

Retinol: Even if you take the most minimal approach to skin care, you should have this anti-aging ingredient in your beauty arsenal. Using a retinol plus a daily SPF—more on that below—can improve your overall appearance in a number of ways: more youthful-looking skin among them. Don’t already use a retinol? Keep reading to find out why it’s time to start.

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    What is Retinol?

    Retinol, a vitamin A derivative, packs a serious punch with its proven efficacy to help turn back the visible signs of time. Read: retinol can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, speed up cell turnover on the skin’s surface, and help fade discoloration from years of sun damage. Clearer, younger-looking skin? Sign us up, s'il vous plaît!
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    A Perfect Pair: Retinol + SPF

    When you embrace retinol to restore your youthful radiance and reduce visible wrinkles, it’s also imperative that you layer on SPF. These two ingredients go hand-in-hand because retinol breaks down in sunlight. Your best bet? Use a product with retinol like Liftactiv Retinol Treatment before bed, to ensure its effectiveness, and follow up each morning with a broad-spectrum SPF. Remember, wait 10 minutes between your nightly cleansing routine and retinol application. It’s important that your skin is dry when you use products with retinol.
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    Train your Skin

    While retinol delivers great results such as reducing visible wrinkles, it takes time. With retinol, you need to build up your skin’s tolerance to the vitamin A. Upon initial use, apply retinol every few days. Work your way up until you can use it on a nightly basis without your skin showing signs of irritation. A pea-sized amount does the trick (anything more can potentially irritate the skin and cause peeling, dryness, or redness).
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    Words of Warning

    If crow’s feet wrinkles may be the first thing you want to diminish, be careful when applying retinol around sensitive areas like the corners of your eyes and lips. Stick to products specifically formulated for your delicate eye area. Booked a facial or waxing appointment at the spa? Nix the retinol for a few days prior to avoid any irritation during your service.
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    Give it Time

    Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results in your skin’s appearance. Retinol needs time to work.
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