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How to Adapt Your Skincare Routine During Menopause

23 Sep 2022

For women going through menopause, let Vichy's experts show you how to adapt your beauty routine for firmer, lifted, radiant & more youthful-looking skin.

Why adapt your skincare routine during menopause?

Dermatologist Dr. Shannon Humphrey says women need to tailor their skincare routine to the menopause “to repair the skin’s barrier function, which ensures it is kept properly hydrated.” She adds that “Protecting from UV damage is also essential.”

What’s in a menopause-friendly skincare regimen?

A quick recap of the beauty rituals that make all the difference, here are the 4 golden rules to your new routine:

  1. Remove makeup religiously. Always remove make-up every evening, without fail! And even if you don’t wear make-up, you need to cleanse your skin properly to remove sebum, dust, dead cells, and pollution - it’s essential for your skin to be able to repair itself at night. It’s already more difficult for it to do so at this stage of life, so it’s important not to exacerbate the problem further by clogging up the skin with toxins. The ideal duo to eliminate impurities: a cleansing milk + a toner.
  2. Always use SPF. Always wear an SPF when you go out since UV rays - and especially UVA - speed up skin aging and the development of pigment spots.
  3. Exfoliate regularly. Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week using a non-granular enzymatic scrub to avoid irritating the skin.
  4. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Apply a moisturizing and nourishing face mask whenever your skin feels tight. Immediately after exfoliating is the ideal time.

Get Massaging

Vichy Laboratories has developed special massage methods to apply specific products. The approach: to transpose the professional methods used at the Vichy beauty institute into self-massage techniques that are easy to reproduce each day at home. The objective: to optimize the efficacy of products, in other words, to boost the radiant, fresh skin effect and increase the re-sculpting action of the ingredients by working on the definition of the face’s contours and structure.

Massaging With a Day Cream

4 best tips to re-sculpt the face:

  1. Apply 5 to 6 dots of cream to the face and neck.
  2. Spread by smoothing upwards, working outwards from the center of the face.
  3. Apply firm pressure, moving upwards from the nasolabial fold (the fold between your nose and the corner of your mouth) to the forehead. Finish by stretching the temples with the pads of your thumbs. These movements also have the advantage of being very relaxing and tension-relieving since they act on the temples and the area of tension between the brows.
  4. Mobilize the deep tissues by applying firm sliding pressure under the neck and under the cheekbones.

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