Idéalia Radiance Serum

Antioxidant Face Serum

Vichy Laboratories explored the influence of a fast-paced lifestyle including stress, fatigue, and lack of sleep on skin quality to formulate our 1st antioxidant face serum that boosts skin for healthy looking, radiant skin. In just 8 days, this radiance skin care serum leads the skin complexion to look more even, skin texture be refined, and pores seem less visible. Paraben free serum.

Skin Type: All Types

Skin Concern: Dullness, Uneven Skin Tone


| Size: 30ml

Idéalia Radiance Serum



Idéalia Antioxidant Face Serum transforms skin quality, revives glow, evens complexion, refines pores and smoothes lines

Skin is recharged with radiance and has a healthy glow


Apply a pump of face serum over the whole face in the morning and/or at night

Face serum can be used alone under a moisturizer

Product Safety

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My Concern

A fast-paced lifestyle can leave signs on the skin. Skin looks tired and loses its glow.

My Solution

Idéalia Radiance Boosting Antioxidant Face Serum recreates an ideal looking skin quality: revived glow, even looking complexion, refined skin texture, minimized pores and smoother-looking fine lines. First visible results in only 8 days.

Product Feel

Fresh and ultra-light micro-fluid face serum for quick absorption. Refreshing fragrance selected to maximize the sensorial experience.


Significant improvement in skin radiance + 30% *

Significant improvement in skin smoothness + 32%

* 9 out of 10 women say their complexion is fresher and less dull with a rosy glow

*cosmetoclinical study on 55 women (aged 40 to 65) with sensitive skin during 4 weeks with 2 applications per day, evaluated by dermatologist by clinical scoring and self-assessment

2x day


Apply a pump of face serum over the whole face in the morning and/or at night. Can be used alone for normal or combination skin or under a moisturizer for dry or very dry skin.


Combine the face serum with other Idéalia products for optimal results.


Expert Tips

Why Idealia Face Serum?

“The Idéalia Radiance Serum has become a new favorite. It has smoothed out my skin so much, has shrunk some of my largest pores and my skin is always soft and hydrated.” – Mara Ferreira, Beauty Blogger

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Idealia Serum

Idealia Serum


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