Almonds, the all-natural shortcut to glowing skin

Almonds, the all-natural shortcut to glowing skin | Vichy

With over 1.24 million tons produced each year, almonds have been one of the most important - and popular - foods when it comes to healthy skin. That said, it’s sometimes easy to get confused between fact and fiction. We asked nutritionist Raphaël Gruman and dermatologist Nina Roos for some tips on how we can do more with this superfood, as well as the lowdown on the specific benefits almonds offer our skin.

How almonds help skin stay hydrated

Dermatologist Dr. Nina Roos explains almonds’ reputation when it comes to ensuring glowing, healthy skin. The high levels of antioxidants naturally present in almonds help hydrate the skin. Like most other nuts, almonds are packed with biotin, which helps stimulate keratin production, essential for healthy skin, hair and nails. Nina recommends opting for foods rich in vitamin E to repair lackluster hair or brittle, flaky nails, adding that topical application of vitamin E oil can also help. Just the excuse we needed for another pamper session!

Almonds: a great snack for healthy skin, hair and nails

High in fiber and rich in vitamin E, almonds are the ideal snack for when our blood sugar levels hit that 4pm plateau - and not the salted or sugared variety (this includes pecans, peanuts and cashews). According to nutritionist Raphaël Gruman, it’s the naked almond we should all be aiming for if we’re looking for healthy hair, nails and skin. Toasted, almonds can be used to top everything from porridge to salads to chicken and fish, but they’re also a great alternative to pretzels or peanuts when getting together with friends. Raphaël recommends swapping out chips’n’dip-style party food for a bowl of almonds or other types of nut, including walnuts, pecans and Brazil nuts, which offer similar skin care benefits. Crunchy, tasty and full of goodness, an average handful of almonds (around 15 individual nuts) are an ideal way to fill up without overindulging in sugary snacks that can end up taking a toll on our waistlines. After all, there are far worse things to be addicted to than a crunchy bag of trail mix.

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